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The Weighted Lacrosse Ball

Revamp • Improve • Strengthen • Evolve

The R.I.S.E. Training Ball is a weighted lacrosse ball that is an innovative way for lacrosse players to Revamp, Improve, Strengthen and Evolve their skills. The R.I.S.E. Training Ball requires zero modifications to ones lacrosse stick. The specifically designed weight allows users to maintain the same mechanics without sacrificing weight.

To become a better player in any sport, practice and repetitions are required. Results for this product are not felt without at least 15-20 mins of repetitions. Therefore, not only will you increase strength, but also improve stick skills. 

WARNING: This lacrosse ball is NOT regulation weight, it is heavier. This ball is intended to be used with caution and not in athletic competition. Like any physical activity, injuries may occur while using this ball. R.I.S.E. Training Ball can assume no responsibility associated with this product.